Friday, August 21, 2009

Star Catch: Ep2 Anger Management Details

Star Catch is a line drawing game that requires you to match as many similarly colored stars as you can by drawing a line around them. The more stars you circle the more points and bonus points you can get. There are four main colored stars; Blue, Red, Green and Purple. Each star is worth the same points but they are worth different amounts depending on the mood they are in.
For example, these stars will express emotions like Happiness (their normal mode), Awe (when you circle a lot of stars it impresses them), Shock and Angry. Each of these emotional states comes with different point values. If you circle a Happy star you get 10 points for example. Here is how it breaks down.

Happy = 10 Points
Awe = 20 Points
Shock = 10 Points
Mad = 5 Points
Steaming Mad = 1 Point

Stars will get mad if you circle just one of them or circle them with a different colored star. This adds to the challenge as more stars are introduced and they move around making it more difficult to circle greater numbers of stars without making any of them mad. As you may have noticed if you get them in Awe and then circle stars you will get the most points.

You also get bonus for the number of stars you circle.

3 stars – Normal Points (The emotion points) x 3
4 stars x 4
5 stars x 5

… and so on. I think you get the picture.

Episode 2: Anger Management adds another layer of challenge by trying to force you to not circle different colored stars. When you circle different stars together too many times one of the stars will implode and become a black hole sucking in stars in the area. You are losing valuable points for that level and each level increases in difficulty so you want to avoid these black holes. If you really like them you can make them come as many times as you want.

Only one black hole can exist on the board at a time. This is a good thing as multiple black holes could suck in the whole board. I suppose you could use black holes as a strategy to reduce the number of stars if you are running out of time and can’t clear them fast enough. The Steaming Mad emotion is a new one to Episode 2: Anger Management. This is the state that stars will go into right before they implode on themselves and become a black hole.

With the Episode 2 update I am including OpenFeint, the Online scoring, achievement and challenge system that will allow you to post your scores and achievements for the world to see. OpenFeint allows you to find Friends and see what they are playing. There will also be challenges introduced into the game in a later update. If you choose to not use OpenFeint you will still be able to save up to 10 scores locally for bragging rights.

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