Sunday, August 23, 2009

Episode 2: Anger Management Submitted to the App Store

My first update to my first game has been submitted to the App Store for approval. Star Catch: Episode 2 Anger Management puts a spin on the game play by making the circling of two different colored stars a penalty when they get so mad they have steam coming out of their ears (do they have ears?) until they implode in anger and become a black hole. They will suck in any stars that are nearby. The red star has the biggest anger problem out of all of them. From there green will lose it next, blue and then finally purple. The purple star seems to have a better outlook on life and does not get overworked over much.

Though I just submitted this I was able to get the next update after this; Episode 3: (Name withheld) done for the most part. I will let you know what it will be called after Episode 2 get approved. I would like to add some more achievements and some other scores related to the game that will be posted on OpenFeint. So when this update is approved I will be submitting the next one right away. My kids have been playing it and they say they love it. Unlike Anger Management this update will be giving you a little help with getting those pesky stars. I am unsure about how this might affect the score because it is going to be easier to rake up a little bit better.

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